As maritime activity shifter to the deeper waters of the Hudson, the early Church continued its ministry and gained an additional name, “The Mother of Churches.” As Swedish, Italian, Latvian, Russian, and Chinese immigrants moved through the Lower East Side, Mariners’ gave life to the first Swedish, Italian, Russian and Chinese Baptist Churches, as well as the Norwegian-Danish Mission of New York City. During the mid- to late 19th century, Mariners’ was responsible for exporting the Baptist movement to Scandinavia and Sweden. Most notable in that movement was Captain Gustavas W. Schroeder, a Swedish seaman. In 1844, while attending his first meeting at Mariners’, Captain Schroeder was baptized and joined Mariners’ shortly thereafter. He returned to Sweden as a Baptist missionary and was instrumental in the spiritual awakening of another seaman, F.O. Nilsson. Nilsson was baptized in Hamburg, Germany, and established the first Baptist church in Sweden. Additionally, the early church is said to have sponsored a missionary who took the Baptist teachings to Norway and Denmark.

The First Mariners’ Baptist Church, the forename of Mariners’ Temple Baptist Church, was “formally” established in November 1843. It took over the Henry and Oliver Street building in 1866. In 1867, the First Swedish Baptist Church was organized. That church is now Trinity Baptist Church. In 1844, Mariners’ became a City Mission Field of the Baptist City Mission Society. By 1890, it was lauded as one of the two important City Mission Fields in the world. The First Italian Church was also organized in Mariners’ Temple in 1897.

Church History


January 16, 2018

Despite the snow, the church remains open and all regularly scheduled activities are occurring.

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