By the early eighties, the congregation was mainly Chinese and African-American, with separate services held for each. Later, the Chinese congregation moved into its own church in the area. In May 1992, the congregation paid off the mortgage on the church building and celebrated the title transfer from the American Baptist Convention/Metro NY to the Mariners’ Temple Baptist Church congregation.


Today, there are two unique congregations at Mariners’: the Sunday morning congregation and the congregation from Lunch Hour of Power (LHOP), which was established in the 1980s under the pastorate of Rev. Dr. Suzan Johnson Cook. The LHOP congregation, which is comprised of government and corporate employees in the surrounding area, worships at noon on Wednesdays. In their own unique ways, both congregations are dynamic, on fire for the Lord, and passionate about His people, especially those in the community, who continue to experience the effects of the 2001 World Trade Center disaster. On September 23, 2006 during the Friends & Family Day celebration, Mariners’ unveiled a new street sign, co-naming Oliver Street “Mariners’ Temple Lane”, ensuring that from generation to generation, all who pass by this street will know that the Mariners' Temple Baptist Church, was planted there by GOD.


Church History


January 16, 2018

Despite the snow, the church remains open and all regularly scheduled activities are occurring.

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